Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Day 9

8:35am Day 9

I am sick and tired, can you guess why? Yes, your right, Maddi is complaining cause she doesn't have an amulet and everyone else does. Dilshen claims he likes her better when she is in a faint, but Maddi does have a point, I think I'll ask if we can look for an amulet for her. To shut her up more than anything else :-].

10:04am Day 9

Well we found Maddi an amulet, finally, and she has shut up, finally. We were flying in our capsules and for once I didn't crash (what an achievement) anyway Maddi was flying along and noticed something floating in the air she flew towards it, it flew away,

"Duck," Maddi began

"It's a mirage" when something hit her on her head


"What?" I asked

"An amulet hit my head!"

"Cool, did you find one?"

"Hey, it was floating?!"

"Cool, let's go back to the spaceship and fit the last jewel into your amulet, I think you must be able to control air, it's the only element left" Dilshen suggested

"Oh well, If I can control air, I can fly!!!"

"I can breath underwater, beat that!"

I forgot to write it in my diary yesterday, I can control water, it's really cool, I kept putting the fire out to annoy Kieran cause he is 'chief fire lighter' But he can control fire so it doesn't make much a difference, I think he annoyed me by lighting the fire more that I annoyed him by putting in out. So anyway where was I? Oh right we were flying back to out spaceship to put the gem in Maddi's amulet, there was a bright flash, same as on mine, the gem glowed, same as on mine and Maddi started flying, not the same as me. Oh well, mine was cooler (no offense Maddi).

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