Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Day 14

12:34pm Day 14

Everyone that wanted to go home is standing on the beach

"So-" Maddi began "I can take 7 people at a time and that will be about 4 trips, won't it Haylee?"

"7 x 4 is 28, so yes Maddi, it will be 4 trips" I replied

"Cool" Maddi said "I'm guessing each trip will take 1/4 an hour"

1:34pm Day 14

I was in the last trip home and used the extra time to walk/fly around the island. I sighed, not wanting to leave

"I'm sad to go too" Kim said walking up behind me

"Kim!! You frightened me!" I said, she smiled

"When we get back you will have to make clothes as a business" I told her

"I could make a lot of money" she said

"Haylee, Kim!!!" Maddi called "Are you coming?"

"Goodbye Matainui" I whispered and followed Kim to the beach

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