Friday, December 11, 2009


"Hi Maddi!" I yelled, walking up her driveway followed by Dilshen, Kieran and Kim

"Sup" She replied

"Maddi, can you lift the flagpole onto our tree hut?" Kieran asked

"Sure" she said

Rosie, Maddi's little sister ran up and hugged me

"I painted it that coulor" she told me

"You sure did" I said, picking her up and hugging her back as Maddi climbed up into our group's new tree hut

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Day 14

12:34pm Day 14

Everyone that wanted to go home is standing on the beach

"So-" Maddi began "I can take 7 people at a time and that will be about 4 trips, won't it Haylee?"

"7 x 4 is 28, so yes Maddi, it will be 4 trips" I replied

"Cool" Maddi said "I'm guessing each trip will take 1/4 an hour"

1:34pm Day 14

I was in the last trip home and used the extra time to walk/fly around the island. I sighed, not wanting to leave

"I'm sad to go too" Kim said walking up behind me

"Kim!! You frightened me!" I said, she smiled

"When we get back you will have to make clothes as a business" I told her

"I could make a lot of money" she said

"Haylee, Kim!!!" Maddi called "Are you coming?"

"Goodbye Matainui" I whispered and followed Kim to the beach

Day 13

11:45am Day 13

The 'raid' on the mountain was surprisingly easy, we went in, there was this mutant thing that Maddi said was MrWoody and a couple of aliens that Dilshen and Kieran dealt with. We freed MrWoody by making him look through our amulets

"A++++++++++++++++" He yelled,

We laughed and took an alien with us when we went back to camp. The alien confirmed what we already thought, the world was destroyed by unsustainability and the good aliens had placed a protective bubble around some areas that were still sustainable. Matainui had been one of them, the aliens like the one we captured had killed the other good aliens. So get this, the year is 3059 not 2009 like we thought it was. Really scary isn't?

3:08pm Day 13

We have now turned everyone on the island back to normal, well, at least the mutants.

9:35pm Day 13

We are going home tomorrow, Sad isn't it. I wonder if I'll still be able to control water?

Day 12

8:24am Day 12

I woke up, yawned, and smiled

"Only 2 more days everyone" I announced

"Hopefully" Kim added. I took my new clothes Kim had made from the cotton and hemp plants she had grown and headed for the changing room. The clothes were sooooo cool, a Blue singlet designed to be worn over another pink singlet, with a white denim skirt and pink tights. Maddi and Kim's outfits were cool too, but the boys just wore plain shirts and denim shorts. I grinned at Kim

"Thanks!" I said, looking at Maddi's outfit. It was a gold skirt over black tights with a black singlet and a white cardigan. Kim's outfit was cool too, with a green dress over white tights.

"Your welcome" She replied

"Come on, lets hurry up and have some food!" Kieran exclaimed, looking hungrily at the cooking pot

"Whats for breakfast?" Dilshen asked

"Kim?" Maddi and I looked at her questioningly

"Well-" She began, thinking hard

"I know, I'll grow some berries"

"Yum!" we chorused

10:00am Day 12

"Hi, I'm back" Maddi called (she had gone to investigate the mountain a bit more)

"What did you find?"

"Well, I went in this other tunnel and there was this operating room with aliens inside, and MrWoody was tied onto it and there was a tube pumping a green liquid into his brain. Yuck isn't it?"


"Will we save him?" Kieran asked

"You just want good grades" I said

"We may as well" Kim said

"I think we should practice using our powers" Dilshen said. So for the rest of the afternoon I practiced making all the water inside whatever we were fighting evaporate, which, if it didn't kill whatever it was, made it easier for Kieran to burn. Not exactly a pleasent thing.

Day 11

1:23am Day 11

Kim was putting the Topaz she found into the last hole in the star and everyone else was watching intently.

"Are you sure...?" Maddi began

"What else can we do?"

"Not much" There was a loud rumbling noise as Kim clicked the gem in place...

2:47am Day 11

The view from up here is amazing, but I probably should explain first, the rumblings went on for an hour all of us screaming in fright the whole time, the water drained out of the tunnel above us and the cavern, we appeared to be rising. The wost thing was that our hands were stuck to the amulets until the rumbling stopped. When that was finished a mountain had risen up out of the water, and the star-stone was sitting at the summit, with us sitting by it. But, when I went to pick my amulet up from the stone it broke into 5 small amulets, and the same thing happened to all the other ones.

"This is weird"

"Hey, Look!" I exclaimed, taking 1 of each colour and sliding them on to a fine chain that had, or at least I think it had, appeared on my wrist, the gems glowed blue and......... Nothing else happened.


I yawned and streached,

"Sup Maddi"

"Morning, Oops afternoon"

"Hows life?" I asked, then screamed as I suddenly floated up

"What happened?" I asked Maddi

"We must be able to control all the things now" Maddi reasoned

"See, all of us have a small one of all the amulets" She continued

"Cool" I said and lit a fire in mid air, making it fly around.

"Show off" Maddi said.

Day 10

10:07am Day 10

This is so weird, me and Maddi went into the cave entrance from the proper way in and looked at all the carvings and... there was this one with 5 amulets linked together but, this is the weird thing, the amulets had jewels were the irises should be, the same shape and colour as ours and each jewel was glowing.

"Come see this you guys!!" Maddi yelled up to Dilshen, Kieran and Kim, who were waiting above,

"What is it?" Dilshen yelled back

"An interesting carving!" I replied

"O.K, we're coming"

"This is so exiting, I wonder what it means?" I asked Maddi

"We'll find out soon" Maddi said watching Dilshen float down with Kim and Kieran held behind in some sort of gravity free bubble, I clipped her amulet to mine and then Kim, Dilshen and Kieran handed me their amulets so I clipped them together and clipped the amulets to the raised stone fixed to the wall. As I put them in place the carvings glowed blue and from the center a message was projected, it was in an alien script so Kieran held the Ank over it to translate it and Kim read;

You must dive, to Sapphires home,

Each of you must use your own.

Deep deep down, by the bright star stone,

A light must fall, from the unknown.

Yellow sparkles in the heart,

Each of the jewels must do their part.

From the crater, land will arise,

A place of anguish, in disguise...

"Cool, I love riddles!" I exclaimed

"Y-e-d-a-y-e-f-a, what could that mean?" Dilshen asked

"What the hey are you on?" Kieran asked Dilshen, while the rest of us looked at him and thought the same thing,

"See-" Dilshen began

"The first letter in each line in each line, Y-e-d-a-y-e-f-a"

"So that means?..."


"Um, peeps, is it something to do with the radioactive river, that Dilshen nearly fell into?"

"Don't think so, see, how could a light fall into an underwater river? and it's to deep for this star stone to be visible"

"So, it said to Dive to sapphires home"

"Sapphire is more pure water, and the river is to polluted with radiation"

"So..." We all looked at each other and nodded, we had reached the same conclusion at the same time, we jumped into the air and flew towards the lake.

1:34pm Day 10

I don't know if you have ever flown before, but it is the most free feeling that you will ever get, as I flew towards the lake I relaxed, lying in the air.

"Hello, this is your captain speaking" Kieran said, setting us off giggling. We were all carrying the few items we had left, 5 journals, Rope, 1 Cooking pot and 5 sleeping bags.

"Flight #7645 will be ending shortly, please fasten seat belts and prepare for descent to sector #1137" Kieran continued

"A.K.A the lake" Kim said

"Kim, you killed it!" Kieran complained

"So anyway, get on the lookout for craters, falling stars and Sapphire homes" I commanded

"Dilshen, fly around above the lake, Kim, Kieran, you guys can look around the edges and Maddi, you can be a drifter, help Dilshen for a bit then come help me"

"Yessir" Kieran mocked

"But what about you?" Kim asked

"I will look around underneath the surface of the lake, I can breath water as well as air, remember? and Maddi can make a bubble of air around herself."

"O.K, to your stations everybody!" Dilshen yelled

"Rodger" Maddi, Kim, Kieran and I replied, as if we had rehearsed it, Dilshen floated off, Kim and Kieran started examining the waters edge and Maddi and I dived into the dark, cold lake...

9:27pm Day 10

We were sitting by the fire staring at the stars, Maddi and I hadn't told the others what we found, yet. Dilshen randomly pointed to a small, bright star and, using his ability to control space, dragged it downwards, as it broke free of whatever gravity holding it up, it plummeted down to earth, splashing in the lake. I watched it intently, and when it splashed exactly were I hoped it would, I jumped up. Turning to find Maddi had jumped up too we screamed excitedly and sped off, Me floating through the water just as fast as Maddi, who was flying over top. I reached the tunnel in the lake first and swam down twisting and turning until at the chamber at the bottom I stopped, and smiled. I was right, the fallen star had landed right in the middle of the chamber

"The rhyme was right" Maddi thought

"Yes" I replied, we were communicating telepathically, in other words mind to mind. I recited the rhyme by heart

"You must dive, to Sapphires home,

Each of you must use your own.

Deep deep down, by the bright star stone,

A light must fall, from the unknown.

Yellow sparkles in the heart,

Each of the jewels must do their part.

From the crater, land will arise,

A place of anguish, in disguise..."

"Cool, it must be the part that says "Deep deep down, by the bright star stone, A light must fall, from the unknown." Maddi recited

"And the part
"You must dive, to Sapphires home" we had to swim a long way."

"Yes! Lets go get the others"

11:42pm Day 10

I fidgeted impatiently as Maddi cast a bubble of air around Dilshen, Kim, Kieran and Herself, But, soon enough we were zooming along underwater. We reached the crater of the submerged Mountain and swam downwards, towards the fallen star. Once we were in the chamber at the bottom, Maddi expanded her air bubble to cover the entire cavern,

"See, the star is there, the one Dilshen made fall. And look at the inscription." I told everybody




"I know, lets press our amulets into the inscription, everyone put their own one in"


"Nothings happening"

"Where's the yellow?"

"Yellow, what yellow?"

"Yellow sparkles in the heart" Dilshen quoted

"Is it this Topaz? It does sparkle" Kim asked picking up a large topaz from the floor

"Where was that?"

"On the floor, here I'll put it in"

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Day 9

8:35am Day 9

I am sick and tired, can you guess why? Yes, your right, Maddi is complaining cause she doesn't have an amulet and everyone else does. Dilshen claims he likes her better when she is in a faint, but Maddi does have a point, I think I'll ask if we can look for an amulet for her. To shut her up more than anything else :-].

10:04am Day 9

Well we found Maddi an amulet, finally, and she has shut up, finally. We were flying in our capsules and for once I didn't crash (what an achievement) anyway Maddi was flying along and noticed something floating in the air she flew towards it, it flew away,

"Duck," Maddi began

"It's a mirage" when something hit her on her head


"What?" I asked

"An amulet hit my head!"

"Cool, did you find one?"

"Hey, it was floating?!"

"Cool, let's go back to the spaceship and fit the last jewel into your amulet, I think you must be able to control air, it's the only element left" Dilshen suggested

"Oh well, If I can control air, I can fly!!!"

"I can breath underwater, beat that!"

I forgot to write it in my diary yesterday, I can control water, it's really cool, I kept putting the fire out to annoy Kieran cause he is 'chief fire lighter' But he can control fire so it doesn't make much a difference, I think he annoyed me by lighting the fire more that I annoyed him by putting in out. So anyway where was I? Oh right we were flying back to out spaceship to put the gem in Maddi's amulet, there was a bright flash, same as on mine, the gem glowed, same as on mine and Maddi started flying, not the same as me. Oh well, mine was cooler (no offense Maddi).