Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Day 11

1:23am Day 11

Kim was putting the Topaz she found into the last hole in the star and everyone else was watching intently.

"Are you sure...?" Maddi began

"What else can we do?"

"Not much" There was a loud rumbling noise as Kim clicked the gem in place...

2:47am Day 11

The view from up here is amazing, but I probably should explain first, the rumblings went on for an hour all of us screaming in fright the whole time, the water drained out of the tunnel above us and the cavern, we appeared to be rising. The wost thing was that our hands were stuck to the amulets until the rumbling stopped. When that was finished a mountain had risen up out of the water, and the star-stone was sitting at the summit, with us sitting by it. But, when I went to pick my amulet up from the stone it broke into 5 small amulets, and the same thing happened to all the other ones.

"This is weird"

"Hey, Look!" I exclaimed, taking 1 of each colour and sliding them on to a fine chain that had, or at least I think it had, appeared on my wrist, the gems glowed blue and......... Nothing else happened.


I yawned and streached,

"Sup Maddi"

"Morning, Oops afternoon"

"Hows life?" I asked, then screamed as I suddenly floated up

"What happened?" I asked Maddi

"We must be able to control all the things now" Maddi reasoned

"See, all of us have a small one of all the amulets" She continued

"Cool" I said and lit a fire in mid air, making it fly around.

"Show off" Maddi said.

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