Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Day 12

8:24am Day 12

I woke up, yawned, and smiled

"Only 2 more days everyone" I announced

"Hopefully" Kim added. I took my new clothes Kim had made from the cotton and hemp plants she had grown and headed for the changing room. The clothes were sooooo cool, a Blue singlet designed to be worn over another pink singlet, with a white denim skirt and pink tights. Maddi and Kim's outfits were cool too, but the boys just wore plain shirts and denim shorts. I grinned at Kim

"Thanks!" I said, looking at Maddi's outfit. It was a gold skirt over black tights with a black singlet and a white cardigan. Kim's outfit was cool too, with a green dress over white tights.

"Your welcome" She replied

"Come on, lets hurry up and have some food!" Kieran exclaimed, looking hungrily at the cooking pot

"Whats for breakfast?" Dilshen asked

"Kim?" Maddi and I looked at her questioningly

"Well-" She began, thinking hard

"I know, I'll grow some berries"

"Yum!" we chorused

10:00am Day 12

"Hi, I'm back" Maddi called (she had gone to investigate the mountain a bit more)

"What did you find?"

"Well, I went in this other tunnel and there was this operating room with aliens inside, and MrWoody was tied onto it and there was a tube pumping a green liquid into his brain. Yuck isn't it?"


"Will we save him?" Kieran asked

"You just want good grades" I said

"We may as well" Kim said

"I think we should practice using our powers" Dilshen said. So for the rest of the afternoon I practiced making all the water inside whatever we were fighting evaporate, which, if it didn't kill whatever it was, made it easier for Kieran to burn. Not exactly a pleasent thing.

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