Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Day 13

11:45am Day 13

The 'raid' on the mountain was surprisingly easy, we went in, there was this mutant thing that Maddi said was MrWoody and a couple of aliens that Dilshen and Kieran dealt with. We freed MrWoody by making him look through our amulets

"A++++++++++++++++" He yelled,

We laughed and took an alien with us when we went back to camp. The alien confirmed what we already thought, the world was destroyed by unsustainability and the good aliens had placed a protective bubble around some areas that were still sustainable. Matainui had been one of them, the aliens like the one we captured had killed the other good aliens. So get this, the year is 3059 not 2009 like we thought it was. Really scary isn't?

3:08pm Day 13

We have now turned everyone on the island back to normal, well, at least the mutants.

9:35pm Day 13

We are going home tomorrow, Sad isn't it. I wonder if I'll still be able to control water?

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