Sunday, November 29, 2009

Day 3

6:30am Day 3

Kim woke me up about 5 minuets ago and claimed that the walls were shining

"Of all the ridicules stories- Oh they are!?!" I replied yawning.

"Maddi woke up because she had a nightmare, and woke me up and said the walls were shining. I walked over, tripped and my hand brushed against the wall and it knocked away some clay and the walls underneath were shiny" By now everyone was awake and brushing the walls

3:00pm Day 3

We are in an alien spaceship **Scream**

Kieran, Maddi and I went to find a alien hand bone **Scream**

Dilshen Disappeared **Scream**

So here's what happened... We brushed all the clay off the walls and found that it was a room, there was some sort of hand pad on the floor but it only had 3 fingers and a thumb on the floor and over by the furnace there was a large red button, there was some argument as to should we push it or not but in the end Kieran pushed it - against Dilshen's 'better' judgment. There was a slight scraping noise and control panels came out of the walls

"I told you it was a good idea" Kieran told us

"We never said it was bad" Dilshen replied. So anyway, me Kieran, Kim and Maddi went down the 'lift' Kieran had found and found a alien hand bone to operate to touch pad, once we had found one we wasted no time getting back up to the spaceship. But Dilshen was..........................................................................................................................

4:00pm Day 3
We found Dilshen, or rather, Dilshen found us. When we were gone a door had opened up into a room that had strange carvings on the walls, when he looked closer he realized that they were the shapes of humans and aliens. Dilshen pressed himself into on of the carvings and two levers came out from the wall with buttons on the end. He pressed one, and a clear wall came down, sealing him inside. He pressed the other and the capsule shot up. Dilshen found that he could control the capsule by moving the levers around. As he flew over the island he saw other people in our class but could not recognize them. He flew back and landed the capsule out side our spaceship by that time we were back and were able to let him in. The bone, when pressed on the touch pad unlocked hidden cameras all over the island and we were able to look everywhere on the island.

4:36pm Day 3

I was shaken out of my thinking by a loud knocking. I walked over to the door and opened it, it was Marek.

"Explain" I demanded

"Well I was walking around and saw this so I just-"

CLANG!! Kim shut the door on him

"We don't want him around" She explained

"Your Nice"

"But it's true" She protested

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