Sunday, November 29, 2009

Day 5

7:30am Day 5

Over breakfast of half a protein and a drink - not exactly what you'd call satisfying - we discussed the prospect of a group 'fly'.

"WOOOOOHOOOOO!!!!!" Maddi yelled

"This ROCKS!!!" I screamed

"I Believe I can fly-" Kieran sang

"I Believe the capsule can fly" Kim said

"Kim, you killed it" Dilshen moaned

"As per normal" I said The capsules all had speakers so we could here each other talking,

"Look, there's the lake!" Maddi exclaimed

"AAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!" I screamed, losing control of my capsule, I briefly saw Maddi fly towards me as I plunged into the lake

"The lake is radioactive, but the capsules will be strong enough to protect Haylee, I think" I heard Maddi say

"Your right, I'm fine - Oh, whats that, it looks like a-"

"HAAAYYYYLLEEEEEEEE!!! We can't hear you - We're losing you!!!" I heard Maddi scream,

"But I can hear you fine-" I started but realized they would only hear crackling. I saw a little amulet like Dilshen's and Kieran's - except an anklet one, so I used hook above my capsule, and grabbed it and tried to bring it in my capsule, but it was stuck, so I went deeper and I wriggled it loose, and came back up.

11:00am Day 5

Everyone had made a big fuss when I came up again, but then went quiet and thoughtful when I told them about the amulet,

"Hey peeps, I just noticed this, the irises of the amulets are all different" Kim said. And it was true, my amulet had a 4 pointed star inside

"I wanna find an amulet" Maddi and Kim whined in unison

"Well, let's go look for some" Kieran said, everyone agreed enthusiastically.

"Maybe there's some on that island" I suggested

"Good idea, we'll look there first" Maddi replied. I flew down across the ocean,

"Haylee, be careful-" Suddenly... I lost control of my capsule... Again

"HAAAYYLLLEEEEEE!!!!!" Maddi screamed

"NOOOOOOOO" Kim screamed

"AAHHHHHHHHH" I screamed
I fell through the water, screaming, and landed in a small cave. As my capsule drifted along, inside the cave I realized that it was filled with air, not water. I was examining some of the plants inside the cave when Maddi burst in,



We were walking over to our capsules when a loud bang shook us, we looked around and saw a crack in the wall,

"It looks like it was put there deliberately" Maddi said, running her finger over the crack, with a grinding noise, the rock wall slid back, revealing a strange wooden box covered with intricate carvings, sitting by a plant of green flowers with yellow middles and purple stems.

"Lets take the box" I suggested

"Yeah-" As Maddi and I brushed the flowers aside and picked up the box, the cave started collapsing. We looked at each other, nodded, and ran towards the capsules, only just making it out.

2:00pm Day 5

" We found **puff** this random box." Maddi said, giving the box to Dilshen.

"This is weird." Kim exclaimed.

"Open **puff** it!" I said.

"O.K" Kieran said, obediently unlatching it.

"What's **puff** inside" Maddi demanded.

"There are 5 valuable jewels in here!" Dilshen replied.

"Cool! **puff**" I replied.

"We better get you back! You guys are looking pale!" Kieran claimed.

"Good **puff** idea" Maddi replied.

We flew back to our 'home' and while the others ate, Maddi and I slept. We were both feeling extremely tired and sick. Not good.

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