Thursday, October 22, 2009

Day 2

9:00 pm

We (Our group) are sitting around the small camp fire in a strange cave. At 11:30 this morning we set off again for the small mountain. Before we had climbed very far the soft dirt turned to 1.5 meter high and 0.5 meter wide limestone blocks . They were ancient and mossy with trees and plants growing from the cracks, and we decided to climb up them. Once we had climbed up the first we discovered there was another layer, and another layer, and another layer. We had gone up about 28 layers when we found a block was missing, and that there were steps, of the same 1.5 x 0.5 m blocks going down inside the cave. Dilshen and Kieran decided that they would go down into the cave, They tied the ropes around their waists while Kim held one rope and I held the other. They started to go down,

"Wait!" Maddi called and threw Dilshen the torch,

"Take this, but I don't think it works!"

"I don't think it likes you" Kieran said flicking the torch on

"Shut up" Maddi replied. After 30 minuets Kieran yelled up to us
"Let go of the ropes!" awhile later we heard a shrill whistle, and Maddi went in. 20 minuets later a very dusty Maddi interrupted Me and Kim's game of knucklebones, with Dilshen walking behind her. After they explained what had happened to them I wrote it down in my diary so here it is;

"Dilshen and Kieran were jumping down the steps until they came to the bottom and continued walking along in the passage way, Kieran noticed carvings on the side of the walls, the prominent carving was an eye with a long stalk with a spiral on the end. Kieran drew one on his and Dilshen's hands. They came to a fork in the road, Kieran wanted to split up but Dilshen wanted to stay together, Kieran ran off in one direction and Dishen started off down the other holding his hand against the wall, suddenly, the ground "disappeared" beneath Dilshen's feet and he fell over a cliff and landed on a ledge. That was when he whistled and Maddi went in to the cave, she found him balanced precariously on the ledge. "Help me!" Dilshen yelled, "Here, hold my hand, I'll pull you up" Maddi replied. As she pulled him up the cliff face caved in and Dilshen fell through into a niche in the wall. Inside the niche was filled with a strange powdery mass filled with the occasional hard thing. Dilshen picked one up and threw it down in disgust, it was a skull, the powdery mass was the remains of a mummified body. He crept back and something pressed into his hand, he could feel that it was an oval with pointed ends tipped off with a spiral on a long stalk, attached to the object was a chain through a loop in the top. Dilshen walked to the edge of the cave and called for Maddi, she pulled him up and they started out of the cave, as they were passing the carvings Dilshen pressed his amulet onto one of the eye shaped carvings, with a grinding noise the rock slid forward, blocking the two paths, Dilshen had sealed off the two tunnels... and... Kieran's... only... means... of... escape..."

Dilshen finished explaining his story

"Oh" Kim said

"No" I finished

"What the duck!!!" Maddi yelled.

"Laugh on line Zebraz"

"Random moment"

"Kim you killed it" Maddi and I groaned in unison

"Sup Guys" Kieran exclaimed

"KIERAN!!!" We yelled

"Hows Life" I asked

"The usual, falling into pits filled with bones, You know"

"As you do, WHAT!!!!!!
Pits filled with bones!!!!!! What the Hey are you on!?!?!?"

"There was a furnace to, and I found this-" It was a pendant the same as Dilshen's one except the iris of the eye was molded into a different shape, a 10 pointed star, not a 5 pointed one.

"So, whats the goss" I started

"Your meaning?" Kieran asked

"What my friend means
is-" Maddi started

"Haylee asked you what happened" Dilshen cut in.

"Well, I was walking along and the passage opened into a massive room, I walked in there and noticed one of the pillars holding the roof up appeared to not be touching the roof. As I ran over to it I fell down maybe 2 meters into a pit filled with bones. I crawled along and the bones became bigger and more inhumane until I crawled out into a small tunnel that led into a bigger room than the one I was in before with a furnace in it. I looked into the furnace and saw an amulet the same as the one that was carved in the entryway, there was also a basket with levers inside I climbed into that and pulled a lever, the basket rose up into this small room with this thing and a window. I climbed out and jumped down the steps until I found you guys.

"Whats the thing?" I asked

"What are those bones?" Dilshen asked

"The thing is here" Kieran replied and showed me an Ank

"That's an Ank!" I exclaimed

"But far more important is the question Where are we going to stay tonight?" Maddi said

"In the pyramid thing" Kieran shot back. It was so obvious what to do that everyone laughed

"Nice" said Kim

"You killed it Kim" everyone groaned


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