Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Day 1

10:00am Day 1

Everyone was exited as we pulled up to a back-packers lodge for morning tea. The drive to Kawphia harbor had been long and boring and I, for one, was glad to be of the bus. As I admired the view Kim came up to me,

“Isn’t this wonderful Haylee?” She asked, “You can see for miles up here!”

“I know, it’s great!” I replied. After the short ride from the lodge to Kaphia harbor we all climbed into a Grumman Albatross sea-plane which was to take us on the final leg of our journey to Matainui Island

11:30am Day 1

I can’t believe it!!! The Clown driving the plane crashed us!!! Apparently he never passed his pilot tests!!! Whoops – I’m getting ahead of my self, O.K, after the plane took of we were flying along fine until we flew into a storm. The plane was tilting and at one point was upside down!!! Everything was flying around like crazy and every one was screaming and then we were… Floating?!?!? I was really scared and judging by the screams around me, I wasn’t the only one. “Haylee!” Maddi screamed, it took me a while to realize she was pointing to something behind me. I half turned and saw, a little to late, that something was flying toward me. Something Big. Something Heavy. That something hit me just behind my eye and every thing went… Black.

4:00pm Day 1

My Headache was killing me and every step was making it worse. Very unpleasant. We, (Maddi, Kim, Dilshen, Kieran and I) were walking along toward the biggest beach on the island to camp for the night. According to Kim, After we crashed she found me unconscious and towed me to the shore, shortly after which I woke up. Our group had decided to camp on the small mountain and I was to sore and tired to argue. We arrived at the beach and quickly put up the tent, later as I was drifting of to sleep I noticed something strange, there were Storm clouds surrounding the is land getting closer and closer. Suddenly they stopped 200 meters of shore and the sky above us was black, completely devoid of both stars and clouds. Strange, I thought, and fell asleep.


  1. This is so cooll! Can't wait for day 2...

  2. devoid is a good word :-)
    You have made some weee errors that should have been picked up with proof reading:
    'Of' instead of 'off' and missing punctuation.
    I believe you could add more detail and descriptiveness. Add emotional reactions too. It's a pretty freaky situation you are in.
    Time for some more entries please.